Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Wisbech Scabbard

After a five year absence, the newly restored Wisbech Scabbard is back on display after it was donated to the museum over 160 years ago, where it has stayed, save a few trips to London and Venice on exhibition. The Wisbech Scabbard, a decorated sheath for a small sword or dagger, was donated to the museum in 1847 by Samuel Smith or 'Philosopher Smith' as he was locally known. The Scabbard is a very rare example of 'La Tene' style art and dates back to 300 BC. It is thought that this piece has come from Wisbech, and has returned. The highly decorated scabbard is covered in a series of 'S' shaped scrolls down the central body made by a 'rocked tool,' most probably flint, while the border is lined with a delicate line of plain and hatched triangles. The Scabbard is a permanent exhibit at the museum.
by Olivia de Ferrer

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